Does Cryotherapy Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation?

If you suffer from chronic pain, then cryotherapy may be for you! But before you sign up to freeze yourself in a chamber, it is important to ask whether or not this cold therapy actually helps with inflammation.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy involves exposing the skin and muscles to cold air or cold water for a certain duration of time. This cold shock creates a temperature contrast between the coldest point on the body, such as the hands or feet, and warmer tissues elsewhere—stimulating blood flow and triggering a response from cold-shock proteins (CSPs) that help reduce pain.

In some cases, people use cryotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain using cold packs—which are easy to make at home by filling plastic bags with ice or cold water and strapping them onto affected joints or muscles.

People suffering from chronic pain who are unable to relieve it by using ice packs can also add cryotherapy in their health regimen to reduce pain and inflammation.

What Are Cold Shock Proteins?

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine , cold shock proteins are “molecules present in cells exposed to cold conditions.” CSPs are known for aiding recovery after injury, but they have also been found to play a role in preventing cell damage from stress—aiding the immune system’s ability to recover more quickly after it has endured cold shocks. For example, cold shock proteins stimulated tissue regeneration after cryotherapy treatments on mice suffering from brain injury .

How Do They Work?

When cold shock proteins are stimulated they work by triggering the production of cold shock transcripts (tau), which are translated into cold-shock proteins. These cold shock proteins are known to help “protect cells from damage caused by cold, heat, stress, and dehydration.”

What Does This Mean For Me?

It means that cold-shock proteins may provide pain relief for people suffering from chronic pain through cryotherapy It is important to note that it takes time to build up a tolerance against cold-induced pain—meaning cold therapy works best on chronic pain when used consistently over time. Cold therapy also has not been found to be an effective method of reducing inflammation in joints or muscles .

When should I use cryotherapy?

You can use cryotherapy whenever you need relief from inflammation and chronic pain, but remember that the benefits will only be felt when used consistently over time. You can also add ice packs into your daily routine to alleviate inflammation and pain throughout the day.

How long does a session of cryotherapy last?

Each session last 2-3 minutes, depending on what type of chamber you are using. Some chambers have adjustable settings so that people can choose how long and how cold they want.

Where can I try cryotherapy?

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