Imagine eliminating pain & stress using the power of cold.

Elevated is your home to balance your body and mind.

Revitalize by stepping into the whole-body cryotherapy chamber

Cryotherapy is a method of exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

Stand in an enclosed chamber that will drop to 256 degrees below zero.

This results in a reduction of inflammation, improved muscle recovery, an improved immune system, and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.


Minimize your pain and increase muscle recovery

Cryotherapy has the ability to reduce chronic inflammation and reduce the damaging effects from an intense exercise.


Boost your energy and restore your body

Powerful brain chemicals are released that help increase your energy along with refreshed vital nutrients being immediately redirected to your core organs during a cryotherapy session.

New Client Offer:
1 Session for $25 or
4 Sessions for $89*
*one month expiration

Begin to transform the body and mind

Exercise Recovery

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Increase Energy

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