Using cryotherapy regularly is essential to keeping your health in check. In fact, there are many benefits to using whole-body cryotherapy. Here is a list of the top five benefits of using whole-body cryotherapy:

  1. Increases Energy Levels

When you use cryotherapy regularly, you will notice that your energy levels increase quickly and effectively. This happens because cold stimulates nerve endings in the skin and sends signals to the brain that increase blood flow.

2) Whole-Body Cryotherapy boosts your metabolism

Most of us know that when you exercise, your body increases its metabolic function to help you digest food and remove waste from cells. In other words, the more fit you are the better your body processes oxygen and nutrients which in turn makes it easier for your heart to pump blood through your arteries, veins, capillaries and finally to your cells. Similarly, using cryotherapy only 4-5 times a week will also increase blood circulation.

3) Whole-Body Cryotherapy removes toxins from your body

Although the skin protects us against outside contaminants, it does not always prevent them from entering our bodies ​​through sweat glands or hair follicles. Cryotherapy in turn dislodges these toxins and eliminates them from your body by pushing them through the pores of your skin. This side effect alone is extremely beneficial in removing harmful substances such as lactic acid, urea or ammonia which can lead to fatigue and lethargy.

4) Using Whole-Body Cryotherapy boosts your immune system and improves your energy levels

A strong immune system can help you fight off colds, flus and other viruses which reduce the amount of toxins in our bodies. In turn, a healthy immune system increases metabolism which leads to more blood circulation and better overall health – ideal for boosting energy levels.

5) Whole-Body Cryotherapy reduces stress and anxiety

Although not 100% conclusive, some studies have shown that using whole-body cryotherapy may contribute to increased levels of norepinephrine in your brain. This hormone is responsible for regulating the response you get from stressful stimuli, so it makes sense that after a cold shock treatment your overall mood should be more relaxed and less anxious.

6) Whole-Body Cryotherapy strengthens your immune cells called lymphocytes

Lymphocytes or white blood cells are the front line of defense when it comes to protecting our bodies against contaminants, toxins and infections. These cell protectors remove dead cells which in turn boosts metabolism by maintaining healthy tissue function. The more lymphocytes you have, the better your immune system becomes and therefore the more energy you get from using cryotherapy.

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