Eliminate pain & stress using the power of heat.

Elevated is your home to balance the body & mind.


Experience a intensified sweat using the powerful infrared sauna

Surround yourself in harmless infrared heat and quickly create an intense full-body sweat that is seven times more effective than a traditional sauna.

Relieve pain, ease stress, aid muscle recovery, burn calories, expel heavy metals, and feel happier!


Burn 500-800 calories without moving a muscle

Infrared heat increases your heart rate, forcing your body to keep itself cool, and burns calories.in the process.


Ease stress and feel wonderful

A 40-minute session mimics an intense workout, creating endorphins that will bring you to an elevated state-of mind.

Begin to elevate yourself

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4 Sessions for $44*

*one month expiration

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I absolutely love using infrared saunas! Elevated makes each room comfortable with individual showers, cold towels, and they give you a full tour of how everything works to make sure you feel confident using the sauna. I really love the space in general, they have meditation rooms and its just really good vibes. I've been to some sauna studios that don't have showers in each room and that makes the experience definitely less comfortable and potentially awkward having to walk in your towel to get get to a shower or just leave sweaty. I also got to meet the owner and she was super knowledgeable and friendly.

Adriana Lee


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