Infrared saunas are a booming trend within the sauna community. Many sauna-goers have stood by traditional steam saunas for many years, until recently because of they are discovering infrared saunas bring a lot more benefits.

Here are 5 reasons why the infrared sauna is better than the steam sauna:

1. Infrared sauna is more comfortable

The infrared spectrum heats you up from inside out, instead of making the air around you hot. The full-spectrum infrared technology penetrate deep into your body, warming up all of the muscles and organs underneath the skin. This full-spectrum infrared energy is what makes infrared sauna more comfortable than steam sauna.

It also operates at a lower temperature. Think 150 degrees vs 180 degrees. You are able to site longer in an infrared sauna, which results in more sweat, and more health benefits.

2. Infrared sauna relieves stress better

The full-spectrum infrared penetrate deeper than steam, this means the infrared heat penetrates your muscles and organs better.

When infrared energy waves penetrate deep into your body, it reduces the tension in your muscles, making it easier to relax. This makes an infrared sauna a better option than steam sauna if you’re looking to unwind and relieve stress.

3. Infrared sauna helps purify your skin

The full-spectrum infrared technology increase the blood flow under your skin. This gives your cells more energy to function.

Your lymphatic system will also move faster, which will help you to eliminate toxins and impurities quicker than a steam sauna could. This purifying process helps improve the appearance of your skin and give you a healthier glow.

4. Infrared sauna gives you a better detox experience

The full-spectrum of infrared warms up your core temperature faster, which helps activate the production of heat shock proteins. This works to remove toxins from your body.

It also increases your metabolism, which means infrared sauna can improve the function of your organs and purge out impurities.

This makes the infrared sauna better than a steam sauna because infrared sauna will accelerate the process of detoxing your body, leading to providing you with a powerful cleanse.

5. Infrared sauna reduces stress hormones

The infrared heat ultimately triggers the release of endorphins, which will improve your mental health and reduce stress hormones. These endorphins give you a sort of “runner’s high” that eliminates stress, anxiety, or depression.

An infrared sauna creates a calmer environment than the environment of a steam sauna because it doesn’t get as hot. This means you can leave the sauna with a burst of endorphins, without the stress of feeling like your face is melting off the bone.

So, infrared sauna is better than steam sauna for many reasons.

For maximum health benefits, infrared sauna is the better choice. Come see why infrared saunas are taking the country by storm. They’re more comfortable, reduce stress hormones, purifies skin, reduces stress, and much more.

You may personally find the infrared sauna is a far better option than a steam sauna, but it is ultimately up to what you prefer as a method to induce heat-shock, sweat, and improve your overall health.

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