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How the Power of Frequency Can Heal Disease. Energy is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without energy, there will be no life because life needs energy to fuel its existence. The energy that created our time matrix and universe has a unique ability to allow it to have infinite expression. This infinite expression is achieved through vibrational frequency.

Vibrational frequency

Vibrational frequency plays an important role in the creation of our physical reality, because it allows energy to express itself into any form, including molecules, atoms, planets, stars, biological life and even disease.

To be more specific, every biological or nonbiological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. Understanding how energy frequency works is important for your well-being, because when your energy isn’t vibrating correctly, your more vulnerable to diseases. Below is an excerpt about how vibrational frequency plays an important role for your health and how it can be used to heal diseases:


In theory, if you are able to keep your body’s frequency above 62 MHz, you should not have to worry about getting sick. To prevent your body’s frequency from dropping to lower levels, avoid eating junk food, canned food and processed food. Also, practice meditation on a regular basis because meditation increases the vibrational rate of your energy.

Using frequency to fight diseases

The idea of using frequency to fight diseases is nothing new. In fact, this method was put into practice by certain scientists in the early 1900s. Some of these scientists were even able to kill cancer cells without harming normal cells using only frequency generators. Unfortunately, most of these scientists gave up their practices because of threats from the conventional drug industry.

Frequencies may kill cancer cells

Researchers conclude that frequency generators have been shown to kill cancer cells without harming normal cells because the frequency of the cancer cells is different from the normal cells. Once the vibrational frequency rate of the cancer cell is determined, scientists can use frequency generators to generate a specific frequency that can destroy cancer cells. This can also be applied to bacteria and viruses. Using frequency generators to destroy cells and microorganisms is not that hard with the right knowledge and skills, according to scientists.

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