Elevated Is Closed

The Decision to Reopen Reversed By The State​

I was just contacted by the city of Henderson. They received calls from other spa owners stating is was not "fair" that Elevated was open and they were not.

The state initially approved Elevated because of the work we do with first responders, cancer patients, people in remission and other people with illnesses. They saw the value of Elevated's commitment to give immune boosting options and discounts to our first responders, veterans and cancer patients during this health crisis.

However, after numerous calls, they felt they could not be unfair to the other business owners who complained they were not allowed to be open. So their decision was reversed.

We were reopening with your health and well being in mind. We know how many of you rely on the infrared sauna for your health and pain relief. Your health means so much to Briana, Joey, Gabby and me. We could have decided to sit in quarantine and do nothing. But Elevated is more to us than just a business. We want you to know how much we care about you. So please stay safe and healthy until we meet again!

Elevated will reopen when this is over. We will continue to provide affordable prices and discounted rates to the community. We do this because we believe that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity for good health, not just the privileged. I will keep you updated on this matter.

If you would like to reach out to the state about this decision please feel free to do so.