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Tue 25

11:11 Ascension Meditation

September 25 @ 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Wed 26

Rife Stress Release Frequency Healing Session

September 26 @ 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Wed 26
Thu 27
Thu 27

Elevated Meditation

September 27 @ 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

PerlM Frequency Session

45 Minutes, $35 per person;

45 Minutes with Cancer Diagnosis, $20 per person;

Practice self care in this private healing session designed to promote healing within.

The PERL M+ is a non-contact, non-invasive research device that emits a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field, commonly referred to as PEMF. It creates an electrostatic charge at the deepest cellular level in the body with the ability to create optimal environment for beneficial change. The particular frequencies carried on the emission from the plasma tube not only target the problem area but help bring the entire body to a level of homeostasis – boosting the immune system, detoxing, repairing tissue,  enhancing bone regeneration, strengthening the organs, increasing energy, reducing stress/inflammation and creating an ideal environment inside and outside of the body for optimal wellness.  

The PERL M+ uses a Radio-Frequency (RF) ignited plasma tube and is a non-contact device just like the original Royal Raymond Rife machine was, which sends the specific frequency and photon on a carrier wave to the targeted pathogen at the cellular level. Other plasma tube devices are induction ignited and lack the RF integration and the deep penetration the PERL M+ has.

How does the PERL work?

As the cells of the body take on the electrostatic charge, their voltage increases, and so does their ability to communicate with each other. Better communication means better overall function.  At the same time, the membrane surrounding each cell becomes more permeable, allowing them to better utilize the nutrients coming their way, such as fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and oxygen from the bloodstream.

As the body is energetic in nature, every cell and every organ has a frequency at which it vibrates when working properly. As the years pass, dysfunction can set in, which in turn can create illness. The frequency-laden PEMF emission from the PERL M+ has the ability to tune-up the cells and organ systems by a process called “entrainment”; as the frequencies are broadcast, the body will harmonize them for optimal benefits.

In the case of pathogenic microorganisms, the frequency emitted from the PERL M+ will target them, devitalizing them and moving them out of the body as debris. Frequencies supportive of the body systems of elimination are used at the same time, to help move the debris out.

** The PERL M+ PHORLE™ and ProGen™ II 4050 are intended for experimental and research purposes only and is NOT a cure for any disease or ailment.

Call 702-451-0444 or email for more info

**All sales are final, product is transferable

Bride-Chilla Private-Group Meditation

90 minutes (4 – 8 participants) $499;

Calling all Bridesmaids! Does your bride need to be shown the way from Zilla to Chilla?

Calling all Brides! Your big day is soon approaching and you are about to begin the next
chapter of your love story. After countless hours of planning out all the final details, are
you wondering how you can possibly keep yourself from feeling stressed, anxious, and
overwhelmed when the wedding day is finally here?

Come learn how to avoid morphing into Bride-Zilla and stay on track as Bride-Chilla.
Ensure your wedding day is the very best it can be … for you, your future husband, your
entire bridal party, and your family and friends.

In this workshop you will learn:

• Self Care to strengthen your mind-body connection and stay clear in your mind. With a
clear mind, complicated topics leading up to the wedding day can be met with
innovative fixes.
• How to be comfortable saying No to family and friends to in order to achieve your goals
…without feeling bad or stressing those relationships
• Get out of your head and stay in your heart to truly enjoy and appreciate your wedding
day to the fullest
• Learn tips and tricks to set up your wedding day for success in every way
• Bridesmaids will learn how to fully support your bride and keep the entire bridal party
vibe-ing high!

Contact us at 702-451-0444 or

90 minutes (4 – 8 participants) $499

Sauna Session Add-Ons Available

Angel and Spirit Guide Private Meditation

60 minutes, $75 per person;

Bring some friends and enjoy this experience as a group, $25 for each additional person

by Lauren Daul, CLP

Reiki Master and Intuitive Life Coach

Available on weekends & evenings, by appointment only

Lauren guides you through an insightful meditation to connect you with your personal guides and angels. In this session you will learn techniques to connect with the angelic realm, and ask for help and support in your daily life. Your guides and angels will always respect your free will choice so you must ask for their intervention, but once you have these benevolent energies working behind the scenes to assist and support you, you’ll be amazed how quickly helpful people, pleasant surprises, new opportunities, and unexpected blessings show up in your life!


25 minutes, $45 per person;

by Lauren Daul, CLP

Reiki Master and Intuitive Life Coach

Available on weekends & evenings, by appointment only

Angels have appeared throughout history and in many different cultures and religions dating back as early as 2,500 B.C.  The word Angel means “messenger” and these messengers of love and light act as intermediaries between realms, serving all of humanity.  Angels are most often portrayed as friendly, beautiful, and peaceful spirits who act as benevolent helpers and guardians to protect us in the natural world, guiding us along our human journey. The Angelic Realm affects all life.

Currently we are in a time of great angelic activity because we are experiencing an evolutionary growth in consciousness. If you are guided to learn more about Angels, this is no coincidence.  The Angels have a message for you and want to help you!

A one-on-one private session to channel a personal message for you. You can come with a specific question, or simply ask for a message that will help you in your daily life.