Pamana Restorative Yin w/ Hands-On Adjustments – 90 Minute (Small Group)


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Pamana Restorative Yin with Hands-on Adjustments & Reiki Energy Session by Michael Malherek

90 Minutes $155, $30 each additional persons

All Props Provided  (small groups up to 6 people)   

Pamana, means the gift to receive, so the practice is based on receiving. Once you allow yourself to receive, your own personal restorative yin practice expands. 

We will begin with breathe work and mediation for opening and balancing of the energies in the lower chakras. The upper chakras will be tuned in for guidance of expression. The opening work will guide those wanting to heal at a place of allowance. 

Attendees will also be gently guided into very relaxing restorative poses with minimal movement. This experience is designed for each yogi to receive Pamana hand-on adjustments infused with Reiki Energy.

Reiki means Universal Life Energy and originated in Japan. This intelligent, conscious energy knows exactly what is needed for each one of us.  All props, mats, mat towels, blocks and blankets are all provided for your private session. 

Call 702-451-0444 or email for more info

4500 E Sunset Rd #4 Henderson, Nevada 89014

All Sales Are Final, Product is Transferrable  • 24 Hour Cancellation Required
$25 holding fee required at booking (applied to session)
Holding fee non-refundable if cancellation is made less than 3 hours prior to session