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Calling all Bridesmaids! Does your bride need to be shown the way from Zilla to Chilla?

Her big day is soon approaching and she is about to begin the next chapter of her love story. After countless hours of planning out all the final details, are you wondering how she can possibly keep herself from feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed when the wedding day is finally here?

Avoid your BFF from morphing into Bride-Zilla and help her stay on track as Bride-Chilla.

• Partner with a friend for a 40 minute Infrared Sauna Session in our Premier Sauna Suites
• Every Sauna Suite has: ✔️Private Shower ✔️Crystal Singing Bowl ✔️Intention Board ✔️Guided Meditation or Meditation Music Set to Healing Frequencies. Get out of your head and stay in your heart to truly enjoy and appreciate this upcoming wedding day to the fullest
• Follow up your Sauna Session with 45 minutes of relaxing Rife Frequency in our beautiful zen meditation room. Surround yourself with an ambiance sure to calm and support you on your journey
• Conclude your day of relaxation with mimosas and strawberries in the meditation room with your friends

Contact us at 702-451-0444 or

2 Hours (up to 6 participants) $199


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