Owner Bio

Owner Bio: Jen is a 38 year resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a wife and mother of 4 boys ages 29, 24, 20 and 15. She was introduced to the world of holistic and alternative medicine when her mom was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2015.

Since then she’s had a passion in her soul to help people who are sick regain their health while educating healthy people about disease prevention. Elevated is in Honor of her mom Lori who lost her battle with cancer February 2016.

“I won’t let my mom’s death be in vain,” Jen said. “Her memory will carry on through The Lori Roberts Foundation. We have vowed to charge cancer patients a low affordable price of $15 for each 40 minute session in our full spectrum infrared sauna. Many people are dying of cancer because they cannot afford healing, holistic care. We want to be one place they can come to that is within their budget.”