Lauren Daul, CLP

A native of New Jersey, Lauren demonstrated a natural ability to energetically connect
with others from an early age. After graduating with two degrees from the University of
Maryland in Psychology and Communication, Lauren’s desire for adventure brought her
cross country to begin her professional career in the hospitality industry with Four
Seasons Hotels. For more than a decade, she gained experience as an event planner by
designing and directing hundreds of corporate events, weddings, social celebrations, and
galas. At the same time, Lauren’s persistent passion to study metaphysics and hone her
natural intuitive abilities led her to pursue several certifications in a variety of holistic
healing modalities.

In 2016 Lauren founded The Energy Practice in response to the immense need for healing
within her community. Following the tragic events of October 1, 2017, Lauren was
recognized for her volunteer work with victims who were seeking out natural ways to
heal from trauma. Lauren combines her enjoyment for planning events and her
knowledge as a Reiki Master, Certified Lightwork Practitioner, and Intuitive Life Coach,
seeing clients for one-on-one personalized sessions and teaching workshops.

A note from Lauren …

Hi there, light being! Give yourself a moment to take this in … It is your divine rite as a
child of the Universe to fully achieve abundance in all forms – prosperity, a beautiful love
relationship, a happy family life, deeply fulfilling friendships, an exciting career, a
healthy lifestyle, spiritual enlightenment, and so much more, RIGHT NOW! It is my
intention to help you release the energetic blocks and distorted patterns that are
preventing you from having this happy, successful, flourishing life today. By simply
elevating your vibration, you can easily recover your own personal power, activate your
unlimited potential, manifest your heart’s desires, and create a life you love, in a
relatively short amount of time. After working with clients from all over the world and
seeing people achieve truly amazing results with energy work, I’ve come to realize one
important fact – everyone can do this! Imagine if you could wake up every morning
feeling grateful to be you and excited about the day ahead and the many blessings coming
your way. This is my goal for you. I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your
own personal transformational journey.